Do you ever think Memrise will make a 1v1 version?

I find it a bit odd how this has not been done yet.

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And by 1v1, I mean a user faces off against another user in a topic, of course.

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I followed a user who makes a tons of points each day and I “compete” with her. Probably she doesn’t even know :smiley: But I must work hard to close the weeks with more points than her :smiley: I don’t think there is a real need for a real 1vs1. I would like to see some chat function which connects people trying to learn each other’s language.


I would also like something like that. Maybe multiplayer mode? So you could do 1v1, 2v2, or once in a while 20v20 events.

Maybe mazes where you can unlock doors by reviewing and the goal is to try to beat the other team to the end? You’d have to probably be all learning the same courses to keep it kind of fair, so the official courses would probably be good candidates to try that with.

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That is an ingenious idea.