Do we get points when clicking the correct audio clips? (As no green circle on the web)

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In MemRise (for example Italian 7):

Why do we NOT get points when clicking the correct audio clip (out of three options)?

NOR when selecting the correct answer having heard the video clip.

(But the flower shoot does grow when learning).

Is this a bug?

Example and more information here.

[Course Forum] Italian 1-7 by Memrise
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Anyone else notice this discrepancy (as the Android App does give points)?


Thanks for the invitation.

Not sure if it’s something specific to that course. It’s not something I’ve noticed with any of mine. I’ve just tried it on Spanish 6 and, on the 3-option audio test, it gave me the usual 45 points and an added growth to the flower shoot. Here are the screen shots:

I also tried one of the video clips on the new Spanish 1 and got the same results:

You may need to tag one of the Memrise team and ask them to take a look.

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Many thanks @alanh for narrowing the problem, I’ve actually reported it on their official thread but they seem too busy to reply.

Your two screen shots that are green are NOT showing any new points.


I’ve just studied it carefully and I do see my point score does increase, it is just that they are not shown as 45 or 50 as one normally gets.


Actually, they do. In my first example, you’ll see that my session points total increased from 95 to 140 in the second screenshot. In the second example, my session points total increased from 390 to 435. In these tests, you do not (and never did) get shown the big circle with the points awarded in it in the way that you do in some other test styles, eg:

Does that help at all?

[Course Forum] Italian 1-7 by Memrise
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Yes thanks - that is what I have now realised, I just expected the green circle. My trouble is I have not undertaken many official courses so this experience is relatively new to me.

I’ll mark this thread as solved and annotate the Italian.

Thanks again!


On the App it actually interrupts the total score to show (flash) 45 points then it shows the new total, but on the web it ONLY adjusts the total score, increasing it by 45 points.

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I just saw your invitation - thanks DW7. I have not noticed this problem in any courses I’m doing.