"do not show the ziggy" userscript

would it be possible that some skilled dev writes a line of code to get rid of that huge silly cartoon (just to let our own avatar and the words-points etc line?)

been in “PM-ying” with 5 other users in here who would love that (… my own IT people are in Urlaub, ahm vacations, they just left and have 5 weeks free)


Requirement is the wrong word to use.

When I do “Inspect Element” I see it is img.rank-icon, so doing

img.rank-icon{display: none;}

should work. Untested.

my browser speaks another language

anyhow, many thanks to @Arete_Hime for the

@-moz-document domain(“memrise.com”) {

img.rank-icon, div.rank-badge img, div.rank-text h2{display: none;}


did the job!

edit @TheFour-GatedDanzig, @Nathen98 etc copy those lines from Arete, they’ll do with that silly one overlaying the personal avatar


Thank you both!

Maybe you guys should explain it a little bit better where to put those stylesheet lines (or at least link two articles) if they only work with Chrome or also for Firefox?

It’s not for me, as I am using uBlock origin already.
But maybe there are users (e.g using Firefox) who are not that much IT technical experienced who may also want to get rid of Ziggy.

i’ve added those script lines to my current memrise userstyle. You use to post all over the place the scripts from cooljingle, you should know…

you need any addon for such users style, personally i use stylish but works with any such addon that allows you to modify scripts

install stylish, then install let’s say this https://userstyles.org/styles/115914/memrise20150704
and then with “verwalten/bearbeiten” add the two lines above, or simply make a new style with only these lines. I find this a “lighter” solution than that bloated adblock (i personally use noscript and some other blocking addons)

Step 1: Get Adblock

Step 2: Filter Preferences -> Custom Filters -> Add filter Group

Step 3: Actions -> Show/hide filters -> Add Filter

-> copy paste: memrise.com##img.rank-icon

Even more EZ:
Right click on the element and “Adblock Plus: block image”

adblock is bloated, consumes resources and slows down the browser. A script for a certain page acts only on that page and has virtually zero effects on the general speed of the browser

i personally prefer stuff like nospeek with the ABE server crap deactivated

Bro u have 500mb ram and dial up connection??

There is also Fair AdBlocker App for Chrome.
It’s very easy to use. Right click anywhere on page, choose “Fair AdBlock by STANDS” > “Block elements on this page”, and then click on the Ziggy image.
Click “Save”.

(OT no, dude, i have the usual for capital cities w-lan and the (1G/s??) cable connection for residential zones, laptops and tablets,and such stuff - what is the link to the fact that adblock is a pooly designed solution in comparison with noscript? something that needs bulky filters constantly updating vs. easy blocker for everything (where the user can decide what to allow or not)

and i am not your bro, keep familiarity into your kitchen)

Bro u a feisty geezer, buy some more ram