Do I require to pay to learn lesson 2?

I was looking for a new app for learning languages, and I found duolingo, then it was garbage so I’ve came across memrise. I did lesson one (launchpad) on my tablet, then a notification showed up, that I need to pay to get the “full experience”. I logged on to memrise on my pc, where I’ve could move further with no problems (in the same course). Do I have to pay for a subscription to learn on the mobile app? (I’ve would like to note that I can do unofficial courses on my tablet)

I’m not sure of the official answer, but my experience has been that once you learn new content on the web version, then you can review it using e.g. classic review etc on the mobile app without paying, but you can’t learn new content on the mobile app without subscription.

Well, that is unfortunate, but thanks for the answer

Can’t you just try accessing the web version on your phone and see what happens then?

The short answer is Yes.
You need a paid subscription to access official MemRise courses in the app.

The long answer: Memrise is currently shifting their business model from a free language app with premium paid features to full paid language app. So, as expected, users, mainly new ones, are being asked to pay after the level one in official courses.

Why some users can access official courses for free?
Because they are old users who have been studying those courses before MemRise’s shifting business model. I think Memrise doesn’t want to let those old users down or feeling fooled for being promised free access to official courses (without some premium features) when they first installed the app, so, that’s the reason they still accessing for free.
With the new app updates Memrise is screaming to old users “Memrise is not free anymore, you need a subscription to unlock the full experience, get used to this idea”. Old users will be required to pay a subscription to access new official courses or new features or levels very soon.

Some more information:

I’m not sure whether your interpretation is exact. From what I’ve read (too lazy to locate the postings), it just depends - meaning that while many things are freely accessible, there’s no guarantee, IOW you’re lucky if you can access everything, but for some content you might just have to buy a sub.
Note that this is my personal interpretation, I might be off as well.

Thanks for answers :smile: , I’ve already upgraded yesterday, now I can learn swedish on the toilet


too much information! :rofl:

In the beginning users was randomly selected to take part in a test… They were trying to see if the rate of premium conversion was worth making MemRise a paid app. They have made their mind. Now MemRise is a paid language app now.
It is not luck anymore that decides if you will need to buy a sub.

Note that is my personal interpretation.

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