Ditch multiple choice audio

Multiple choice questions are absolutely useless when you get written answers presented for the audio. For instance, a sentence saying “He doesn’t like fish” in Russian. You don’t have to understand the slightest meaning if you only recognize one word of it. In this case, “fish” (риба) for example. It’d be better having to type what you hear and/or translate it. Memrise feels like a quiz that can easily be cheated on by any average stupid person.

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I agree that choices (alternatives) are too few with audio questions, as often the other two choices are so different that it is easy to eliminate.
So I would not ditch this but have more similar choices (which sometimes does happen).

Secondly, I have reported elsewhere that in spelling tests where one is only given a couple of wrong letters, it makes it easy to work out the answer and to keep going until one get the spelling right.

Thirdly the same is often true of tapping (selecting words in the right order) and multiple-choice questions (especially if there are only three wrong alternatives).

But at least one can learn by keeping at it.