Display issues with Decks

(Caroline Parkinson89) #1

Having display issues on a laptop (Asus T100 convertible) with Decks. Scroll bar (r/h side is there) but won’t let me scroll down on the screen so everything below a certain point cannot be accessed. Any ideas on what to do? Many thanks, Peginthesnow


Screenshot? So it makes this easier to resolve. :slight_smile:

(Caroline Parkinson89) #3

Sure, it’s attached. What you see is as much as I can access; nothing below that - it’s a bit strange.

Many thanks

Caroline (Peginthesnow/CarolineParkinson89)

(Attachment Decks screen dump no scrolling poss r_h side.docx is missing)

(Caroline Parkinson89) #4

Hi tried sending this as a Word .docx but it was rejected, so here is a .png file. Thanks for your help.

Caroline Parkinson (peginthesnow/CarolineParkinson89)

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(Jaygummers) #5

I don’t see the screenshot as well, this works perfectly fine. Maybe try editing your question or post the screenshot separately.

(Ian) #6

Hi @MarshallLanguages ,

In Decks the part of speech label is appearing immediately next to the English word, which I think is a distraction - and this doesn’t happen with Memrise. Please could you pass this on to the development team for consideration? (on PC, Windows 7, Chrome)

and another similar example:

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(Amanda Norrsken) #7

I get the same thing on my Chromebook (which uses Chrome, natch :slight_smile: )

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(Kevin Memrise) #8

Thanks @ian_mn @amanda-norrsken I’ve added this to our backlog. Will let you know when it’s resolved!

The scrolling issue on the Session Complete screen is mentioned in another thread and we have that in our backlog too.


@ian_mn I don’t work for Memrise. I’m just a community Leader. Just wanted to let you know. If you are wondering what a “Community Leader” is. Please press This link. That should give you the info you need. Sorry if I made it looked like I work for Memrise as I do not. Just wanted to make this clear.

(Ian) #10

Thanks for letting me know.

kevin5284 has responded to the issue I flagged up.

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(J Lithgow) #11

The images on my course are not displaying properly on PC - is anyone else having this? they’re getting squashed. Given that my course is about learning faces, I kind of need them to look normal. Screenshot attached. The images also seem smaller than on the normal Memrise app.

(Ikhlas) #12

I have display issues. :neutral_face:

(Olaf Rabbachin) #13

As stated here, I’d suggest to stick to using the main Memrise site until those issues have been resolved.

(DW7) #14

Also reported here :

Review screen cut off

Can't scroll after sessions to see words/leaderboard

Decks website is live!

(Ekagol) #15

Hi there!
please see the attachment. That’s how decks look today in Firefox browser.:thinking: Not very convenient.

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(Ekagol) #16

Firefox version 61.0
And “save” button appears only at the top of the list of the levels.

(khx333) #17

Well, at least in Safari Decks now behaves well, even the editing of entries that used to be a narrow right side column, now it’s across the whole page.

(ülkem Aydın40) #18

User names are not completely visible on the leaderboard. It mustn’t be that difficult to make a page layout, for an expert of course.

(ülkem Aydın40) #19

The level content shoud be in the middle, and the arrows denoting the previous and forthcoming levels should be on both sides of it. It is not a good Web design to put both arrows next to each other on one side of the screen.

(Lapiccolavolpina) #20

These errors still persist until today. It’s been a month now.
Are they going to be fixed soon?