Discrepancy between frequency of typing tests in the iOS app and the web version

In a personal test course, I noticed that the web version has mainly typing tests for reviewing (after completing the course), but the app version exclusively uses audio tests and multiple choise tests. In the rare case that typing tests do show up, the goal is to write down what’s said in the audio, instead of translating it.

edit: mainly happens to sentences. Typing tests are very rare for sentences in the iOS app but occur all the time in the web app.

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Hi, sorry for the confusion.

Please note that the mix of test types on the website is different from the one on mobile. On the website, you will generally encounter more typing tests and fewer multiple choice tests. This is to adapt and improve the experience on each platform to make your learning more efficient.

Since this is by design, I’ll move this to our Feedback section for now :slightly_smiling_face:



I didn’t know that. It would in my opinion to be able to adjust the frequencies of typing, tapping and multiple choice tests, at least in courses you make yourself. What do you think about this?

This is by design? Why? Your reason given makes no sense. Add me to the list of people who want more typing tests on mobile, or at least for the frequencies to match between platforms. In fact I came to the forum at this moment precisely to complain about that.