Discount, Decks, iOS app, non-Memrise courses

Well, the Nov 5 50% discount for a year-subscription is nice but I still don’t know if the Memrise iOS app will continue for a shorter or longer time for the Decks courses, and what’s the state of the Decks iOS app and will that app be free or paid by subscription?

100% of the courses I do daily, many times, are user-contributed and personal ones as the languages I study are not available as Memrise official courses. So what’s the official story, thx?

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty here - so you’ll hopefully get an answer soon.

Thanks, yes I sent and email to Memrise support as well but no response…

Any update? No response from Memrise support either (and I’m a paid subscriber)?

Any updates? Tech support, hello hello?

@MemriseSupport - can you please help out @GyaltsenBum2