Disabling Typing Tests

Hi all,

In the user settings I set ‘Tapping tests (jumbled words)’ to no and also done the same on android. But I still get the tapping tests. Am I missing something or is this setting for something else? I want to disable the typing tests.

While you are still learning the word you will get tapping tests even when you chose typing.

When reviewing you often get a mixture of tapping and typing, more tapping on the android device than on the web page (at least thats my subjective impression).

Moreover the course creators can determine that their course is tapping only - your preferences do not override that.

And for Memrise-created courses phrases longer than (I think) 16 characters require tapping only. There was some discussion (or rather outrage , :wink:) about that recently.

But there is a userscript out there that forces all typing - I myself have not looked into this so far.

I use that userscript. It’s great and once it’s installed, it can be switched on and off easily. If anyone wants to try it, take a look at post No 193 (Mar 3) in this other topic: [Course Forum] French 1-7 by Memrise


[quote=“Foorgol, post:2, topic:11141”]
But there is a userscript out there that forces all typing - I myself have not looked into this so far. [/quote]

Ah ok, so I assume that there is no ‘no typing/tapping in any form’ setting?

I’ve disabled the typing and tapping tests of a private course I made to help me remember material for my university course, becuase the answers would be way too much to type in.

However, on the Android app, the test still appear… what do I do?

So… How does one disable the typing tests on ones own course?

By deleting Memrise app.

It’s been years since I last used Memrise. Today I reinstalled it. Just a few minutes later, I deleted it. Nothing has changed. All the things which made me abandon this app in the first place are still present as if it happened yesterday. I’ll just imagine Memrise disappeared like all the other good stuff: geocities, Yahoo! Messenger, Addictive Learning, java applets, Tango Master Japanese, koohii.forum and so on. Thank goodness mIRC is not gone :))