Disable punctuation requirements when typing words?

Is there any way to disable requiring punctuation from being required when typing answers. For example the word “geil”. Sometimes it seems to want it explicitly typed as “geil!” with the exclamation mark and other times without it.

Is there any way to just make the system ignore punctuation as it isn’t required to know what a word means and gets in the way of actually learning as I have to remember arbitrary punctuation.

You can just hit ENTER before the punctuation mark but, make sure you spell it correctly or you get it wrong. Thus, I usually just do the punctuation to make sure I get it correct unless I know it well enough. I get what you are saying though, this is just a way around that.

Yeah it’s just a minor annoyance but not the end of the world. It’s more that I second guess myself that I’ve got it wrong then change it before submitting and it ends being the ! that I had missed not the spelling being wrong lol.

I wonder if the Creator of the course has asked for “strict typing” and if that’s anything to do with it?