Direct communication with the course creators

I am learning multiple courses, and I find errors in the courses, but it’s very hard to tell that to the creator.

So I think Memrise need some instant interface of simple comments per cards, or per courses.

A very simple icon put on each card would suffice to trigger that interface, and users mostly ignore it, only when necessity arises user may open a comment text editor.


Why this type of simple communication is not allowed yet?

I know of Forums, and it’s way difficult to report a content bug on a specific card, because when I am on the Forums, I lose the all necessary context for that card.

Duolingo manages that kind of interface effectively, and improves itself quite fast. And I see quite simple errors on Memrise courses uncorrected.

I find lots of isses and errors in multiple official courses. Jesus, that level of error is not tolerable, for official courses. Too many to do reporting with a bad forum interface.


For some reasons Memrise team is not interested in developing user created courses. To have direct contact with creators is an obvious path to improve them, but we could only guess why Memrise is refusing to implement it in one way or another. Well, sometimes it’s better just to ignore incorrect translations, you still can do it.

The most they came up with is this:

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Possibly worth noting, sometimes courses aren’t so much abandoned as they are incomplete. While it be nice if people could complete a course in a day, sometimes it takes a while, especially if the language has lots of pronouns.

The feedback on course-content on Duolingo works indeed really well. I’m all for it to have it on Memrise too. Memrise could even benefit to make their in-house courses even better.
What I do like on community.Memrise is the discussion and interaction to broaden my view. And how to learn better. So why no have both? Where any feedback is automatically added to the respective thread.

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Memrise did have a direct link to course creators but they removed it. It’s not hard to see what they are aiming at, i.e. force customers to use their courses.