Diffucult words function

I really like that the Memrise course has sentences which are related to the new words you’ve learned. But after you have learned those sentences, they don’t come back even though the words are difficult words for you. To be able to remember the words more easily, it’d be nice for the difficult word and the related sentence to come back in the Review. I don’t know if this is hard to program, but I’d really like to see this function.

Not sure whether this helps you at all (I’m not sure I fully understood what you’re asking), but did you know that there’s a list of all difficult words, i. e. across all languages/courses? It’s actually more or less hidden - you can find it if you click the More link underneath the statistics on the dashboard (web only), then click Difficult words on the upper right.

Here’s the link that leads directly to the list (depending on how many courses and DWs you have it may take a whole while, so give it some time!): https://www.memrise.com/home/difficult-words/
For what it’s worth, you can start a DW review session from there as well.


No, I’m sorry for being unclear but that’s not what I meant at all.
I mean as you can see in the picture, I find ‘election’ a pretty difficult word as I have to review it again in 11 days but the sentences in which ‘election’ appears, I apparently didn’t find as hard to recall. I wish there was a feature to be able to review the sentence in which the word appears to be reviewed at the same time as the word. (To make memorization of the word easier)

Ah, OK, I understand now. But sadly, there’s no such thing as a search for words. I wish there was too as I’d often like to flag other words as difficult when I mix them (up in the app), i. e. when selecting the wrong word for a translation. The only advice I can give here is to create your own course and enter these words there (something I have never done, I’m too lazy for that I suppose).

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