Difficult words?

I have no idea why would they do this, but they`ve ruined the difficult words tool. I liked to repeat the difficult words as many times as I feel its necessary to memorize them, and now … after repeating them once they are automatically removed … also, you cant mark a word as difficult at the end of the lesson anymore, why would you change it ? it doesn’t make any sense. I am sooo disappointed

I have been paying for Pro since 2017 mainly because of difficult words. It was wonderful and you ruined it. I cancelled my subscription and wont renew it if you dont undo these shitty changes.

Also … they haven’t replied to any of my feedbacks. They don’t seem to care at all. Seriously ??? I have been paying since 2017 and you don’t even bother to answer me ?


I can confirm it, difficult words are removed from your list after one session with correct answers, and there’s no difficult word marks after completing review session.

This could be an error of some sort, however they’ve been planning changes in regards to speed reviews and difficult words (link). Unfortunately, many users have nothing against such changes or keep quiet. If there’s not enough noise, Memrise simply ignore our voices.