Difficult words when mispronounced


First: love Memrise!! Learning so much…

But one feature is annoying me: I am learning Portuguese (from Portugal) and getting the pronunciation right has been very very difficult.
So first: would be great to understand what is mispronounced, where is the issue because most of the time I don’t get what is wrong.

But the most annoying: mispronounced words should not be added to my difficult words. In all cases I know what they mean so forcing me to learn them again won’t help me pronouncing well next time. Bit of a vicious circule here. Can you remove mispronounced words from the list of difficult words please?

Oh, yes, i agree, came here with the same problem! I don’t understand what is wrong with my prononcation of “difficult” words.
I think will be better if i will be able to improove the current skill - writing, listening or prononcation, depending on my mistakes.