Difficult words suggestion

Hello dear memrise developers! Please consider adding an option to add and release words from “difficult” category manually. Certain words and phrases in finnish language keep escaping from my memory and I want to be able to test them at will. It is not currently possible to do that, since after about 3 correct answers they are no longer considered difficult by memrise algorithm

You can remove the DW-flag and then turn it back on to make it “sticky”.
That is, once you’ve done that it won’t go away until you manually remove it.

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Thank you for pointing that out, I always thought words marked this way would be “temporarily difficult”. Maybe there should be some sort of visulal distinction in that regard.

Also would be pretty convenient if I could override temporal flag/marker with a permanent one without exiting “Your most difficult words list”, since once you remove the flag the word disappears from the list

You’re right - if you do unflag it in the complete DW-list, the DW gets removed before you can set the flag again. @MemriseSupport: any chance for a little work-around here, such as i. e. a little delay that would allow you to remove the DW-flag and turn it back on?

It would also be nice if at some point words would return to default behaviour. Several months ago I used manual marks to learn some words better and now they won’t become difficult by themselves no matter how many times I answer them wrong in review.

Yes, I’ve raised this to the Memrise team once (but can’t find the thread right now) and they responded that, once you manually flag/unflag a DW, Memrise won’t touch it again. That is, it will not automatically be added even if you keep getting it wrong. So that’s really by design.

That’s the thing. There are three states: auto, difficult, easy. And there is no way to return word to auto. It’s disappointing and kind of undermines the feature

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