Difficult words not being added

There is a new very nasty bug (well, it’s been there for a few weeks I suppose): when you flag a word as difficult during a review session, it rarely gets added to the list of difficult words.

If you finish a review session (which sadly is the only way of getting the list of reviewed words!) you’ll see the flash icon next to the words flagged as difficult during the session, but some may not really have been added to the list, i. e. the flag was not persisted.

The only way to make sure all words are added to the DW list is to unflag and flag them again and then check/compare the count of DW.
This is truly catastrophic for learning purposes!

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @frabcus_memrise: please do something about this quickly!

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @lurkmoophy: I haven’t received a reply in almost 8 weeks. This bug is very, very, very prejudicial. 2/3 of all times I won’t find a word on the DW list even though I know I flagged it. It seems that adding one during a repetition setting is more reliable than after having finished the session and then tapping the flash icon.
Currently I’m tapping that icon like 5-10 times (on/off/on) just to be sure!

Hey Olaf.Rabbachin
sorry for the delayed response. Could you please send us a video/gif of the error? also if you could let us know the version of the app you are using, that’d be useful.

Thanks, and apologies again

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I suppose I can do a video, yes, but it’s really easy to reproduce: just perform a regular repetition session. At its end, tap the flash icon for, say, 5 entries. Then tap the “…” button and compare the count of difficult words as displayed there to the count you just added. It’ll always differ here unless I repeatedly flag/unflag words.

Note that this also applies to words that you add to the DW-list during a session, albeit it seems to work more often there.

LMK if you need a video nevertheless and I’ll create one.

I am unable to reproduce it with the steps you mention. I am attaching a video to show you what I am trying to do to reproduce your issue. LMK if there is anything else you are doing I am not.



I suppose I do exactly the same, however, it doesn’t work here as it does on your end. I’ll make a video ASAP that shows the effect. BTW - you guys have access to my account so you could try and login with my credentials in order to check in conjunction with my very own account. LMK if you need the credentials, I could send these via PM.

Here’s a little video that shows the problem. I took it after a SRS repetition session during which I manually flagged a few words as difficult.
As you can see, 4 words were flagged as difficult. However, only two were on the list. Also notable: after manually unflagging and re-flagging, the final count of DW was 5.

It seems that the problem has been fixed, but only partly. Over the last few days, it was sufficient to flag a word as difficult during a repetition session, I didn’t need to unflag/flag a word several times to add it to the DW list.

However, unflagging during a session doesn’t work now (not sure whether or not this worked before). That is, the word will still remain on the DW list if I remove the flash during a session.

@JBorrego: could you see into this again please?

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Yes, it’s an old problem with removing items from the DW list. It requires two taps instead of one.

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Ah well, what seemed to have been fixed with the second to last update has reappeared after the last update: adding a difficult word takes patience again (and the need to finish a session which gives you the list of words that were processed during the session).

The latest update generally seems to be another masterpiece - nothing fixed, but several new problems (DW, leaderboards in courses throw an error, even the number of words to review is wrong in a course - as opposed to the dashboard). Great, well done!

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Same problems on my side.

Hi Olaf, I have now raised this issue, please allow us some time to be able to fix it but we are now aware of it. Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience

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