Difficult words: if unmarked manually, dashboard and count don't update

Issue: dashboard is not reflecting the actual number of remaining ‘difficult words’ when words are unmarked manually.

During reviewing ‘difficult words’, I unmarked a word as difficult (the flash icon is greyed out).
When going back to the dashboard, the flash icon is still active and the count reads a number, even if no difficult words remain.
When selecting ‘difficult words’ mode again (from mode selector button), I get an error message “Hmmm… Difficult Words couldn’t load”.

I suppose the expected behaviour would be for the dashboard to reflect the actual number of remaining difficult words: in this case zero.

Windows 10 / Chrome

Steps to reproduce:
Incorrectly answer some questions during a review. This wil result in x ‘difficult words’.
Then go to ‘difficult words’ mode from the mode selector button.
During review, manually unmark the words as difficult (click the yellow flash icon to deselect), until zero difficult words remain and the review session ends.
In the dashboard, the ‘flash’ icon is still active and the number is still displayed as x.
But when trying to go into 'difficults words ’ mode, the "“Hmmm… Difficult Words couldn’t load” error message is displayed.

Hi there, thanks for reporting this.

I was able to reproduce the issue and have created a ticket for our team. They will look into this as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

Had a similiar issue the last few days with the App. I completed my difficult words, it told me i’m complete… but it didn’t update. So it still showed the difficult words i just completed and i could complete them infinite amount of times without them going away. They only vanished when i deselected them manually from the difficult words list.