Difficult words completely empty after reviews

Hi Memrise Team,

With the latest version of the app, a new bug appeared:

Description of the issue: When I go through items to review in the courses I have in the Memrise app on iPad/iPhone, when I make mistakes, normally some of the errors I make would be added to Difficult Words section. Then I could practise them by going to Difficult Words section on the device.

In the latest version of the iOS app, I review my items and even though I make mistakes, no items are ever added to Difficult Words section on iPad/iPhone, on whatever course I reviewed. I reviewed about 300 items but not a single item was added to Difficult Words section, even though I made many errors and mistakes when reviewing.

Are you phasing out the Difficult Words feature, is it a bug or a temporary issue?

Devices: iPad Pro 11-inch and iPhone X
OS version: iPadOS 14.0.1 (both devices)
Memrise app version: (both devices)

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Hi @tomekpalka92,

Apologies for the delay here.

We are aware of a bug that we suspect relates to this issue (please see Extremely slow progression in learning words). We have worked on a fix for this which will come with the next iOS release. Please keep an eye out for updates in the app store.

Thanks so much for your patience,
Memrise team

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