"Difficult" flag stuck on a word

Memrise Norwegian 2 has decided that ‘mennesker’ is a Difficult Word for me, for reasons that are unclear, and no matter how many times I clear the ‘difficult’ flag or retrain it error-free in Difficult Words, there it is again flagged as Difficult. I have to have retrained it over 20 times and Memrise still insists it’s a “difficult” word for me.

I see this bug has been reported elsewhere in different courses (‘freddo’ in Italian 2, for example). It’s obviously a recurring problem. Does anyone know how to fix it? I see a response to Remmo’s question about difficult words stuck in the list on IOS saying to review the difficult words on the website. I just did that, and ‘ny’ and ‘skikkelig’ were cleared on the first try. ‘mennesker’ is still stuck on ‘difficult’ after six correct reviews in a row on the website. So then I tried manually clearing the difficult flag on the web site, then going into difficult words to see if ‘mennesker’ was still there, and the web session blew up and went into a loop of “Whoops, could not lad the session, sorry.” So I opened a new session, and went to difficult words, and … yup, there it is.

What a pain :frowning:

I have this same problem with 3 different words in a Japanese hiragana course. I have gotten them correct about 20-30 times in a row. Still “difficult”

Not sure if it helps, but the DW feature is actually quite buggy. What I do is to (in the app)

  • tap the flash icon to remove the DW
  • wait 1-2s
  • tap the flash icon to add the DW again
  • wait 1-2s
  • tap the flash icon to remove the DW again

The key is to check that the count of DW gets in- and decremented.
FWIW, I often run into the problem where Memrise won’t let me add a word to the DW-list (which is extremely obnoxious!). Haven’t found a way to reliably add a new one while learning with the app - it usually works when I add it while the word is being tested, but it rarely works when using the list of repeated words after the end of a session.

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Thank you for posting something like this diebestetest.de

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