Different content headers for each level?

Hello, is it possible to give each level different kinds of data? For example, one level could be the past participle of a verb <-> the infinitive of a word. But in the next level, I just want to do English <-> Spanish translation. Right now, when I change one name of a column in one level, it changes that name in that column for all levels, which is not good functionality for my use case.

Am I supposed to make totally separate Memrise ‘courses’ for these different kinds of data? Please advise, and thank you!


Why would you want to change the name of the column?

If I understand your goals correctly you can just add more columns with different data.
Then for every level you can set a different column to be tested on with the pencil.

Oh interesting! I don’t see the add more columns function anywhere, but I’ve seen it in the past… I’ll keep digging for it. Thank you!

Select your database to see the button Add Column.

You’re welcome.

Hi again,

So I did this, but now I can’t actually use the new column as a testable column. It’s listed as an option, but it’s not letting me save the selection. It seems to be behaving as an attribute maybe? But I didn’t select the attribute option. I can see the new column’s content listed in the learning phase, but it’s not the prompt nor the answer. Any advice?


Can you add a screenshot for that screen where it’s not letting you save?

Apologies if I am misremembering and this doesn’t work, but when I encountered this same problem before while creating a course, where Memrise wouldn’t let me select a certain column for testing, I think I solved it by opening the settings of that column and:

  1. Checking that every word actually has an entry in that column
  2. Make sure that “Always Show” is disabled for that column. I would also disable “Show after tests”.

lmao. Looks like it was 1. Could’ve sworn I put all the new entries in. Thank you! As usual, the problem was me, not something external to myself :slight_smile:

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