Differences between mobile and pc

Hi! I have been using Memrise on my mobile for a long time, today I tried it on my PC and I see differences. When I have long sentences (not a single word) I don’t have a possibility to type them on my mobile app. But suprisingly there are typing exercises on PC version! Why is it so? I really like typing, it helps a lot, but why isn’t it possible on mobile?
And next question, is there somewhere on my desktop a “sync” botton? When I practise on PC I can’t see changes on my mobile. Or they appear after some time?

Thanks in advance!

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Well in response to your first question, I’m not really sure as to why they don’t have typing exercises for long sentences on the mobile version although I presume it is because the software either takes too long to type it out beyond a certain word length and just switches to tapping tests only for those words or some other reason. As for the syncing between PC and mobile, you simply have to scroll to the top of your course list and then pull it down to refresh the entire course list.


Hmm, pulling down at the top of my course list doesn’t seem to work for my mobile… it doesn’t refresh.

logging out and in again helps for sure

In this thread most (I think) of the differences between app and web version are covered. Not sure though whether since then new features came up.


Thanks @Foorgol,

In this thread most (I think) of the differences between app and web version are covered.

As I understand it some features are becoming common to both platforms (for better or for worse).

To refresh in the android app, switch to the “pro” view and back.

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