Difference in how extra reviews work between web and android

Hi, I thought I’d make this post about a difference I noticed between the web version and android app of when you use the review function on words that haven’t come due for review yet.

Suppose that a course doesn’t have any words due for review but you click review anyway to do some extra reviews (e.g. to keep up a streak). If you do this on the android app then the words you review in that session have their next review date pushed back to later, the same as if you had reviewed them after they had come due. However, if you do that extra review session on the web version instead then the next review date for the words you review doesn’t change at all.

This difference isn’t a huge problem and doesn’t break anything, but it would be nice for the two to work the same way. Personally I like the app’s approach better where doing an extra review of a word does change its next review date.

In any case, I do want to add that regardless of this small issue, Memrise is an excellent app/website and I enjoy using it.