Dictionary and Home Screen Release for Android 📖

Hi all,

The home screen is now visible to all Android users. Here, you will see current level progress, current and longest streak, progress made so far today and mode selectors at the bottom.

For those updated to version 2021.12.16.1 of the app, you’ll also see our new dictionary feature! This feature allows you to see a list of items you’ve encountered as well as the items coming up. You’ll also be able to ignore and mark any items as difficult here. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to work on this (including adding the ability to search for items coming in January).

Let us know if you experience any issues with either of these features :smiley:


Strictly speaking usefulness of this page in its current form is about 3 out 10.

It’s interesting to know your time spent in a course. Amount of words? OK, sometimes. Search feature is useful, but to see this page every time you open a course is not. Why don’t you place a dictionary page somewhere else?

Streaks data is duplicated as well as learning modes buttons (you see them from the main page). And as an icing on a burnt cake goes this screw up: you should scroll down to see learning modes. Wonderful job.

P.S. Isn’t there an unspoken rule among developers not to make any updates before days off and holidays?

P.P.S. I’d make another page inside a course and put there some of these elements (dictionary, streaks, stats, but no learning buttons, no current level) plus a scoreboard for a chosen course. You don’t need to see this every time.

I’m a little confused,

Just in another thread not too long ago, Ben said that phone users are not on here and don’t use the website.

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The home page now presents me with level 1 of a course.

It was very hard to find the levels to choose one to revise.

Illogically it was under learn.

You need three icons.

Home, Review and Learn.


Classic review only gave me random words it does not allow me to choose what level to revise.
This is very important in Community and structurred courses where each level can be a different topic.

PS 2

The dictionary looks good and being able to search will be very handy.

Could Creators and Contributors edit from it too, to save us going to a computer?

PS 3

Not sure, but would the short description be better on the home page and not in the all levels description as the former is now the first page one sees?

Cc @MemriseSupport

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Where did this title (Polish Bird …) come from?

It’s not in the Title nor is it in the Short or Long description.

How does one edit that?


Is it linked to unlearned levels BUT it’s not even the title of the first unlearned level?

As in PS 3 above, I’d rather the short course description there instead of a level I am omitting.

If you want to keep it, please say which level it is and give the actual title.
eg Level 7: "Photo and Polish Bird name".

Level 11 - Photo and Polish Bird name - 15 British Garden Birds - Memrise

(Remember it’s a different level number on the web as the App ignores the useful Multimedia levels out.)

Cc @MemriseSupport

Isn’t that the name of the level?

@MemriseSupport I liked the look of this new feature, especially how I can see how much time I spent and how many words I learned and reviewed during the day, however I am having an issue. I was using a community course on the website and learned about 50 words, one hour later I opened the app to do some reviews, but those 50 words I learned previously were still marked as if they had not being learnt yet, then I came back to the website to check and I did learn them, so I think this new update has some synchronization issues between the web and app versions, can you please verify this issue?

I’ve just opened the app again and it is now properly synchronized, so maybe it just takes a little longer than usual for the syncronization to take place.

Edit: The problem is not happening anymore :slight_smile: , maybe I was just with connection problems at the time.

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Not quite, the next level is:

Photo and Polish Bird name, see above.

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I do not like how this version doesn’t allow me to select which level I want to study, nor does it allow me to choose how I want to study. I may want to do “classic review”, but if that is not presented as an option, I don’t get to do it. How is this an improvement?

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Hi @ladyskay, I’ve posted a request - see above …

Basically go to “Learn” then you can choose a level to “Review” !!!

Hi - thank you for the reply. I tried it again and now It is working for me today! It is giving me the options for choosing levels and learning method. Yesterday I could not do either of those things, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Hooray!

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Well, I kept my mouth shut for a whole week, thinking that it might be good if someone else would sum up this update - I definitely would rather praise than condemn, but what can I do/say: To me it seems that you just wanted to again thoroughly confirm that whatever you do or come up with is half-baked at best.

We’re talking about a single page which is full of errors and shortcomings. Here’s a few:

  • It doesn’t tell you how many words you learned in the course, it just states that for the last/active level.
  • The “Continue Learning” button will start a review-session first, even if no words are up for review. It always takes two taps to start a learning session.
  • The course dictionary is missing a search feature (what is it good for without one!? How am I to locate a word even in a course with less than 1k words!?)
  • Opening the course dictionary produces an error (in my German version: “Oh nein, du hast ein Leck im Tank! […]”) for non-textual courses
  • Opening the course dictionary within a finished course and then selecting the “upcoming words” tab (might be named differently in English) produces the same error
  • The page obviously wasn’t built for finished courses - the progress bar shows just something, but most of all times not that a course (and thus its last level) was completed.
  • The streak only supports three digits.
  • The buttons at the bottom seem to be arranged randomly (nice, with all being of the same colour!).
  • I have to scroll down on a phone to access the buttons (which still is the most important bit of the page!).
  • I have to scroll right in the button-list on a tablet, even though there is more than plenty of room.

That’s just what came into my mind without thoroughly thinking about all the bits.

Do you ever think through what you’re doing and, more importantly, do you actually test anything!?


Thanks for your comments @Olaf.Rabbachin , a few of these were already on our list to do shortly and I’ve noted the others down.
Could you please add a screenshot of " The streak only supports two digits." and let us know which device it was on, because on my device it shows a streak of 200 correctly

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Sorry, I meant that it supports only 3 digits, not 4!

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Okey kokey, i’ve made a ticket, thanks for reporting.


If you add a search feature, the dictionary would be extremely useful, as it is, with large courses it’s not what it could be.

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Is there a way to see the dictionary on the web?

Or is there a way to save the dictionary and export it?

This would be so helpful in saving our (updated) courses.

Unfortunately for now it is just Android, and shortly will also be on iOS.
And there is no way to export the dictionary at this time


Well, the “Home Screen” introduction is now ~2.5 months old and has been existing in its first iteration ever since, including (but not necessarily limited to) all the problems I mentioned in the above posting.

Sadly, the “to do shortly” seems to relate to a much longer time-frame than expected. Can you give us an update, please, @James_g_memrise?

Did you download the latest release? 2022.1.26
it contains several changes to the homescreen and dictionary. Not all matters have been addressed but you’ll be happy to know we added at last 8dp to the streak blob for you.