Detect initial skill

Does memrise have an option to detect initial skill so i go ahead in course since the start.
I dont need to learn basics of language if i know them.


I recall that I was tested when I started my French course some 20 months ago. I’ve just checked - if you have already logged on you’ll always be redirected to your “homepage”. If you log off though, you’ll see a language dropdown and a “Start learning” button on Memrise instead. If you click that button, you’ll be asked whether you’re a beginner or whether you’re advanced. The latter will trigger a test. I haven’t actually tried it out, but I would presume that you can (must) log on later during that session.

Note that this only applies to official Memrise courses, in other words, community courses (Decks) will not be affected.

Perhaps there could be an option for the course creator could make a test which could consist of a small sample of words/phrases from every level. If the user gets all of the sample questions from one level correct, then all the words in the corresponding level become learnt. This would only work well if each level consists of words/phrases that are of equal difficulty.

For example:
If you know what I, she, and they are in the target language then you “pass” the level called Nominative Pronouns.
If you know what him, us, and them are in the target language then you “pass” the level called Accusative Pronouns.
If you know what to pay, to laugh, and to watch are in the target language then you “pass” the level called Verbs 3.

The sample of words/phrases could be randomly generated or selected by the course creator, the latter being, in my opinion, the far better option, as the course creator could make sure that if there is variation in the difficulty of the words/phrases in a certain level, the hardest ones are the ones that come up in the test.

If you think that this is a good idea, do you also think that I should repost as a feature request, or has this already been done?