Desktop Memrise: Huge font size in text entry fields

Noticed today that the font size in the text entry fields for the desktop version of Memrise is way too big. The large font will also cut off the descenders of the letters that have them like “g, j, p, q, y.” Affects both the latest Chrome and Edge browsers.

I’m wondering if class="roundy shiny-box typing-type-here " has always had font-size: 1.85em; or if this is a new change and the reason for the current huge font size.


True! This was not the case a few hours ago

Mine also. MacOs Firefox browser. Farsi / Persian

I am also getting this as of today, very annoying.

Win 10 - Firefox

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Same problem, using Edge. It is annoying. It looks like some alignment has gone a bit haywire, because at the same time the text size in multiple choice answer boxes has decreased. This latter bit is less annoying than the former one.

I’m seeing it, too. Using Mac OS Catalina (10.15) with Safari 13.0.2. For example:


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Même problème apparu aujourd’hui.
Same problem showed up today.

Please, make better tests for the texts’ format on the screen, before you edit them.
I know it’s not easy but as a informatic engineer I teel you take more time, it will be quickest. Thanks