Demand (Request) of subscribers

(Isik645) #1

Dear Memrise,
You are not listening to the extensive feedback that has been provided multiple times:

people want to use an app (not an untested “mobile website”)

people want an offline mode (and are prepared to pay for it). Many users are in areas with poor internet coverage/ behind firewalls (e.g. the whole of China) or want to use the app on transport (planes/ trains/ subways etc.)

You need to escalate these the above 2 points to your CEO asap.

Either clone the existing app with all features and call it “Decks” and include an offline mode.

OR leave things how they are.

What you are proposing IS BREAKING THE COMMUNITY.

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(Adrian) #2

Well, the CEO has addressed this in a thread Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

Some unofficial negotiations with users who live in the area will take place. Hopefully they will come to a mutual understanding by mid-March.

(Memrise Matty) #3

Hi @isik645 - It also looks like our CEO commented in a thread you created… Struggle (fight) with Memrise