Deleted terms appearing as answer suggestions

Description of the issue:
In my course Basic Kanji Book vol 2, when creating levels 34 and 35, I occasionally made the error of not selecting “comma” as a separator when importing data and so the full line of information (kana/kanji/english) was imported as a line rather than in the correct answer columns. I deleted this import before I saved the course and re-imported the lines correctly, I also removed all these incorrect lines from the course dictionary.

However, now I’m using the app to study from these cards and these full lines are appearing as answers. I believe this issue to be distinct from the known bug mentioned here (Attempt to Eliminate Phantom Entries) - as this only references the web version, and also discusses entries that have been edited after being saved/tested on. My ““phantom entries”” were never saved or tested on, and they were not edited but instead deleted and entirely recreated.

It’s the same issue, because web and mobile apps have the same database.
You have imported your cards, they were automatically saved in the course.

Sorry to hear that Loper Doper.

I’ve always used spreadsheets and had each column match the column I’d set up in my course.

Incidentally I like your courses.