Deleted/old answers still appearing in tests

(Carlos 11) #103

Thanks for the script. I am running it and it connects properly, but I still see a phantom answer sometimes in the course. Should I remove it in some way?

Thanks in advance,

(Neoncube) #104

@Carlos_11, I feel kind of awkward promoting my own script like this, but if you want to try out a userscript that’s also designed to try to get rid of phantom answers, I have one here:

(Bop Camino) #105

I found a solution that worked for my courses. It helps you get rid of all phantom entries in one fell swoop, and it takes less than half an hour to implement. It also allows you to revise your course without creating new phantom entries in the process. I posted detailed instructions here: Quick and Effective Way To Remove Phantom Entries Hopefully this is of benefit to others.