Delay between word buttons

When answering the questions where you can tap or drag words to make up a phrase or sentence, there is a distinct delay between tapping a word before you can tap the next one. This started with the new design.

We used to be able to tap out the answer in quick succession, but now we need to wait about half a second before each word or tap multiple times before it picks up the next one. Not a showstopper, but it’s an annoyance that detracts from the overall experience and would be nice to be fixed.


Yes. I second this annoyance. A fix would be great.

Is anyone from Memrise able to respond?
It is annoying because it’s easy to miss a word and end up with a well-learned phrase going into “difficult words”

I can tag @MemriseSupport for you guys, maybe they can assist.

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Thank you, as an only occasional user I wasn’t aware they had to be hailed by a dedicated username and just assumed this was a place to report bugs.

It is! However, it seems that Memrise’s staff doesn’t really go over all of the postings which is where the tagging really helps as it results in an email reminder being sent to whoever is receiving emails for the respective account. :cowboy_hat_face: