Deep Linking (open in app) no longer works

Hi guys,

In the past we were able to click on a Memrise Course link and this would open inside the app. But now it just takes you to the browser.

Has something changed? Or would the link need to be formatted in a certain way for this to work?

Thanks in advance

Hi @portuguesewithcarla, apologies for the delayed response. We’ve asked the iOS team and opened a ticket to look into whether any unintentional changes were made that affected this. Once we know more, we’ll update here :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

any news on this?

Hi all, sorry for the lack of update here. Our iOS team has fixed the issue where links were routing to the web browser. However, there are some outstanding issues with the course page loading fully from these links, so that’s now being worked on. Please keep your app updated as a fix should be out in the next couple of releases :slightly_smiling_face:

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