Decks website is live!

You can still edit on the memrise website.

The small differences between the memrise website and the decks website are big enough to annoy me (why did they have to put things in different places, when they are virtually identical???), so I will continue using the memrise website as long as I can.

But you can only create courses on the Decks website, not on memrise. It’s all a bit crazy right now!


What I meant was I can’t use Decks until the edit button is introduced and am continuing to use Memrise for now. But I’m stressed, have language exams coming up, if they suddenly remove our Memrise access without fixing the Decks problems that will be so awful, hence asking is there an update, they’ve not notified us which Decks problems we’ve reported are on the to-do list and which are being left out. As the timer is gone I hope that’s a sign they’ll bring back other missing things, like edit and save and exit, and scrolling to view vocab, the covered up save and continue button in course-creator/ edit, etc.
And I didn’t know they’d removed course creation from Memrise! Can you still learn a brand-new course there is you have to create in Decks?
There’s also no sign that they’re going to advertise Deck’s existence more prominently on the Memrise website, doesn’t bode well in terms of longevity of the site…
And I take it they’re not doing anything about formatting we reported such as the confusion with the different colours all being turned to black now.
Those are all the things I’m after updates on that I can think of. Hopefully there will be news soon!


I am hoping for those exact things, too!

I made a new thread to collect requests for Decks, I shall tag you in it, OK?

Feel free, thanks!

Already done!

I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re trying to say: please explain. Something about laziness and a website for children, which particular aspects are you criticising?

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Is anybody from the team addressing the issues raised in this thread? It seems some changes have been made in stealth mode, but the misalignments on the learning/review pages etc are still there.

the deadline for splitting the sites in coming soon, and no news from the team. At least inform us if there is any will to address the many bugs.



nothing at all, lydia, I am getting a bit tired with memrise, after fighting in here for so long :sunny:


That’s exactly what I feel!

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I have an edit link all though the course (it’s home page, level page and at each question) on the Decks website. (And have from the start.)

I did not read the whole discussion (too long for me). The reason why I bought Pro account was the Learning Stats. On decks they are not. English or German courses for Czech speakers are all made by community, not Memrise. Therefore, no stats will be available. Memrise, you really annoy me. You destroy gradually all the good things. Shame on you. I am really really angry. Hope you will enable it, or I really do not have a reason to pay for my account anymore…


It seems they’ve now fixed this, so that’s good news. Have you always had edit from the start? Because Arabic has such a flexible syntax and many synonyms, it’s important for me to click edit during the review, while pausing, to check what I’ve writing against the answer. I.e. due to many different ways of writing the same sentance, I haven’t been able to use Decks for a long time and have used Memrise daily. Looks like that works now at least, a few formatting problems still but I’ll have a go to see if it’s manageable.

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Sorry @Lydia9, I’m not sure, but I have been testing all functions and reporting any concerns (if any).

There are as you know three ways to edit on the web

  1. on the course ‘home’ page (ie before starting a learning or review session
  2. at the start of every level and
  3. during a review and it may be I only tested the first initially.

BTW find a “Options” > “Preview” a useful function for that.

Anyway glad it works now and hope you enjoy your learning and your time carefully checking and editing.

Did I get it right that there is only two columns inside course editing features on Decks website or am I missing something? Is there a thread somewhere on the forum about it?

Both fields available are for meanings and translations, whereas previously on Memrise there were other fields, e.g., part of speech, audio, etc. These additional columns are very useful, you can introduce other info like pronunciation or something else in them.

P.S. It goes for newly created courses, I see more fields in my old course.

P.P.S. Oh, you should go to Databases to make other fields available.

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Have you tried creating extra columns including for Attributes?

I have managed to create additional field (as attribute). Is this what you mean? If so, then the answer is yes. Process is a little bit tricky, wish it would be more obvious. Like getting this feature on the main editing page, because now it’s hidden quite good.


I’m pleased you found how to do it.

PS I have always thought that the process was not clear and almost hidden away.


I’m sorry for posting it here, but I don’t know where to make this suggestion and I can’t start a new topic somehow. While typing in new entries, hints (which are totally useless) cause the screen to ‘jump/move’ which is so annoying. It should be possible to disable this function.

What is the difference between Memrise and Decks, it seems to be the same apart from different colour :confused:

Currently, Memrise still “serves” both the official Memrise courses and the community courses. Decks OTOH only provides community courses. Memrise’s plan is to remove the community courses from the Memrise website at some point in the future. When that happens, it’ll be official courses on the Memrise website and app and community courses on the Decks website and app.