Decks website is live!

Hi everyone, I’m very happy to announce that the Decks by Memrise website is live!

Here’s the link:

If you’re already logged into the Memrise website then when you click on ‘Log in with Memrise’ you should automatically be logged into Decks. If you’re not already logged into Memrise, you can log into Decks using your Memrise login details.

Here’s a summary of what will happen over the next few months:

  • The Decks website is live from today and will be in beta until the end of April. We extended the beta from a couple of weeks to 6 weeks to give everyone more time to adjust.
  • All of your learning progress on community-created courses should be in Decks. This includes words learned, points, leaderboard positions, and streak.
  • At the end of April, all community-created courses will be removed from the Memrise website. The Memrise website will only house our official language courses from then onwards.
  • The Decks mobile app will launch later this year. In the meantime, you can continue learning community-created courses in the Memrise mobile app.
  • If you are a Memrise subscriber, you’ll be able to keep using all subscription features in both the Memrise website and app, and in the Decks mobile app when it launches.

We’re in a beta period so it’s normal if there are small bugs. It would be great if you could flag any that you find here:

We also have a thread for general feedback on the Decks website here:

Cheers, look forward to hearing your thoughts.


p.s. we’re aware that the meta description needs changing :slightly_smiling_face:


Does that mean that we’d have to “start learning” any community courses that we’d like to use in the app until the Decks app is released before the end of April? Or will there be a way of choosing a new course in Decks and then learn it using the app?

nice colours, calming, very nice for larger screens. The large “next” on the learning page is asking for a bit of time to get used with, but it is ok.

but, even after i’ve applied my scripts, the white, empty spaces are simply too much - they look like winding sheets looming. If I’d take the tablet, I suppose the same probs in navigating between courses will pop up.

There are quite a number of misalignment issues, but I suppose they’ll get fixed.

Again, nice colour scheme, is relaxing for those who have thousands of items to water (and learn)

(edit: devices used now: firefox latest and brave browser latest on lenovo thinkpad xcarbon and hp pavilion convertible; have no idea about pc’s and android tablets; the misalignments and font issues make using brave, as chrome fork, with decks almost impossible, with firefox is a bit friendlier)


The interface is so ugly and depressing


Quite ok for me, but I’d like the timer and the scrambled letters to be optional so that I can take them away. Or I’ll have to wait for a script, because I can’t do it myself :frowning:

Is it so difficult to make these two things optional? People have asked for it for years. Decks could have been a good opportunity to do it.


Thanks @kevin5284 and others! Happy that, overall, the format is the same as for the sister Memrise site and the colour scheme is good for me.

Will post a couple of initial thoughts on the other topic.


Yes, if you choose a new course on the Decks website, and “start learning” it, it will appear on the Memrise app. This will be the case until after the Decks app launches.

Then there’ll probably be a window during which both apps have UGC courses on them, before they’re removed from the Memrise app - we’ll give details of this nearer the time.


Add this filter to an adblocker to remove the keyboard letters:
Even though it appears as a link on the forum, it is not. Just copy and paste the line above into the filter list of an adblocker (for example uBlock origin).


Hi kevin5284, where are the learning stats on Decks, please? I heard they are meant to carry over. My pie-chart of the proportion of courses I learnt in the last 60 days has disappeared in Memrise pro. And I can see my last ten-thousand tests and learning for the last 365 days in Memrise but I can’t see any of this in Decks. The reason I still pay for pro is for the stats. The pie-chart is a very important visual cue to see how much I’ve covered recently in which areas so we need that back while still using Memrise, please. But all of this needs to transfer to Decks, please: learning stats are the only reason why I, as a professional linguist, am still paying for Pro.

Stats I can see on Memrise:

Learning stats section on Memrise main page:

Lack of learning stats on Decks when there is plenty of white space where it could go:

I also agree the colour scheme is dark and depressing: can we get the purple back? Love Memrise’s purple scheme and I’ll miss it (more than 98% of my courses are my own or community courses so I won’t return to Memrise if this change has to be permanent).

Also I note that the font size is much smaller for some things: can we make the total number of words and points much more prominent on Decks?

Many thanks for your help in advance,



kevin5284, I’m also finding the amount of grey in lieu of colour confusing:
in Memrise there are green ticks to show the course is complete and blue water droplets to tell you to review. The fact these are both grey in Decks means it looks like I haven’t started the course or got anything to review: associate lack of colour/ grey with you’ve not started learning this yet.

In Memrise:

In Decks:

Looking for words to review in Memrise:

Looking for words to review in Decks:

The pale grey is just too hard to read against a bright background as it’s too close in colour to the white textbox and pale cream background. The old blue for words learned and purple for unlearned words was bright enough to read properly but also helped you distinguish between learned and unlearned words. E.g.:
This on Memrise

vs. this on Decks:

I’d prefer to keep the original Memrise colour scheme but if that’s not allowed and it has to be all plain colours, please change light grey, which strains the eyes to read, to black, which is easy for all. Alternatively, some different colour to distinguish between unlearned and learned words would help very much.

Thanks again for reading additional feedback.


Finally, kevin5284, most importantly of all: there appears to be no pause button on Decks.

As a professional linguist needing to review very long passages from newspapers, legal, medicine, technological texts etc., I pause Memrise, write by hand to test myself and train kinetic memory, then unpause Memrise and type the answer. The timer is always too short for my long sentences so I sometimes need to type these into word before copying across.

For example, I can’t review this session, there just isn’t enough time on the timer to type it all, let alone write it by hand to reinforce kinetic memory:

Also, my main course takes 45 hours for a new learner to cover, it’s a huge chunk to keep reviewing it for me, not 3 or 4 minutes but 20-40 minutes per review session, because as well as hand-writing I am playing audio on Forvo to reinforce correct pronounciation, perhaps different accents for the same term (e.g. the Gulf vs. levantine vs. Standard Arabic pronounciation).

Also from the point of view of someone paying for Memrise to support translation as a profession: I need to be able to pause where I need to answer the phone or an urgent email and return to my vocab review, which I can currently do on Memrise but not on Decks. Again, remember using aural and kinetic memory in other ways in addition to Memrise’s visual memory means a session (that memrise says takes 3-4 mins) is something that I time myself doing for upwards of 20 minutes when factoring in pausing Memorise, so i do need to interrupt these sometimes to respond to calls and emails, as might other linguists using Memrise professionally.

I’ll continue to use Memrise for now and hope these problems can be ironed out in the meantime. Please let us know your thoughts on our feedback!



There’s a problem with viewing the website on my Ultrawide monitor 3440x1440 resolution.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the Title and Review Fitler end up way too far out on the left and right:


Thanks! Works perfectly :slight_smile:

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i have to observe that “next” is placed to low: in reviewing and learning, i have to scroll down on a 15’’ screen every time… that consumes precious time that could be used on something else…

for the time being, the old site (plus cosmetic scripts) is the only usable one. Hope the empty spaces get a better use than the Decks’ UI.

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You know, IMO, this actually isn’t half bad on mobile. Not as good as the app, and I hate having a timer, but it doesn’t lag as much as I thought it might and it it’s infinitely better than memrise was on mobile. Still glad we are getting an app though.

Here’s my experience, on an iPhone 5s. Old phone, so probably not representative of most people.

Once I get to the Decks site, clicking the login button just automatically opens up my memrise app. In order to login to Decks, I have to hold down the login button and then open it in a new tab.

Here’s me reviewing a word:

Because of the keyboard pop-up, I have to scroll down to see some characters, and clicking them makes my screen scroll back up. Clicking has almost a half-second lag.


Hi @kevin5284

p.s. we’re aware that . . .

Please also see PM.

Thanks for the feedback @Angharad.Merfin.
Which white empty spaces do you mean? On the dashboard with your list of courses?

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