Decks release - user interface improvements

We’ve just made a new version of Decks web live, with quite a few changes to fix interface bugs, and make small improvements.

  • Move “next level” button to right of level page
  • Move word attributes underneath words in learning session
  • Improve arrangement on end of session screen, slightly reduce scrolling
  • Fix bug where text overlapped on the button at the bottom of session type selection screen
  • Alignment improvements around heading on course page and dashboard
  • Improve alignment of streak clock on the dashboard
  • Fix flag width on the end of session screen
  • Remove duplicate course creation button that didn’t align well
  • Style category review button

Let us know any issues or bugs these changes might have caused!


The changes are brilliant, thank you.
However, I cannot see the top half of the text when quitting a course. I’m using Opera in Windows 7.

Edit: I do not have this problem in Firefox

Hi @rlkirby - I may be wrong but are you looking at MemRise and not Decks?
Perhaps this is a new bug in MemRise caused by the changes?

Thanks @rlkirby for the bug report - that is a consequence of Memrise’s rebrand, rather than Decks. I’ve filed a ticket to get it fixed!


Yes, it is Memrise - rather than Decks. Should bugs in Memrise be reported somewhere else?

Probably no need to as Frabcus has picked it up and reported it.

Well done in spotting a change/ bug by the way.

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As someone who requested the change, thanks - but it’s taking a bit of time to learn to look on the right :wink:

Hello again, I’ve a problem on Decks this time.

You wrote:

  • Fix bug where text overlapped on the button at the bottom of session type selection screen

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, but whatever you meant, here’s a screen-shot that I took a few moments ago.

I’ve this problem in Firefox as well as Opera (Windows 7).
I remember it going away briefly, however, it seems to be back.

It appears that the Courses and Mempals pages within the profile are aligned too far to the right. The Mems page is the only exception with it being aligned more in the centre. I am viewing this on the Safari browser.

I have also noticed the footer alignment slightly changes its position depending on which page it’s on. The home and Group page, it’s on the left and on the Courses and Profile page it is aligned in the centre. Whilst on the topic of the footer, it would be nice to see a link to the Memrise forum.

33 17 !

I like the fact that on Decks the words “Recently Learned” are above the list of courses on my home page.

On MemRise it’s above my box with level and avatar (icon).


I would still really like there to be the word “Forum” to be under “FAQ & Help”.

Anyone going there is sent to a list of help topic which are closed and at the bottom, the words “There are no more Decks FAQ topics.”

Even as an experienced user this does not suggest to me that there is a Forum and support offered.

At the very least the last last item should be a link to

I know this has been > raised by myself < before > and others < (see links) but if we want to support learners (especially new members) they need to know about the Forum.


Keeps happening every time I try new words I also get a can’t load screen on my tablet

The screen shows a page during the learning (planting) phase. Looks normal to me. Could you point out what isn;t correct and what you expected to happen? Thanks anyway for reporting something you noticed.

I think it’s frozen.
Have a look at this post.

It freezes when I hit the answer. Always on swim at the beach.

Thanks for sharing

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Can you click the yellow “Next” box and move past the frozen screen?

If it is just one (or a few) items, I suspect that the sound file for that word is broken, and that is why it hangs up there - waiting for the pronunciation that never comes.

I’m not sure what the cause is; the screen with the levels still shows only four levels next to each other, while Memrise shows five.

Anyway, it would be even easier if the width was dynamic, i.e. that it would fill up the screen from left to right, depending on the screen width. That way we don’t need to scroll so much. Now there is a big blank bar at the sides.

Another difference is that Decks cut off the top of the Devanagri script (used in Hindi, Tibetan, etc). See also other post about this; it seems to be fixed on Memrise. If this could be fixed, it would be great.