Decks release - mobile API

We made a release today to Decks, which doesn’t have anything you’ll be able to see.

It does, however, have the first part of the mobile API, ready for the Decks app.

Let us know any side effects or problems you spot.


Thanks for the heads-up @frabcus_memrise.

We made a release today to Decks

Is that to the web version?

Is API the same as App? Or is it to the code? (Forgive my ignorance)

@frabcus_memrise, since you needed to implement a new api for Decks i am assuming that the Decks app will differ from the MemRise app in some aspects…
Will it be a hybrid app? Will it rely on WebView? Or will it be a native app?

@ lucasheber It’s a native app, using lots of the same code as the Memrise app.

The API change is to do with the backend, which we’re separating, so the Decks app talks to a Decks backend.

This is because the backend code for courses made by the community is different in nature from the backend for Memrise courses.


@DW7 The web version of Decks and its backend are released together. The change was to the backend part.

The API is the interface the mobile apps (iOS and Android) use to talk to the backend.

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Many thanks @frabcus_memrise for explaining all that and the care you are taking over progress.


Hi @frabcus_memrise,
Is there a way for the public (e.g.: me) to leverage this new mobile API to programmatically create decks? (Rather than point-and-click under
If not, is there any other API which could be used to achieve this?
(Apologies in advance if documented elsewhere, I’m new to Memrise and couldn’t find anything confirming this.)

Not to create new Decks, no, sorry! Also, the actual creation of Decks (not editing) is behind a captcha (“I’m not a robot”) now, so would need some human intervention.

What is the situation you’re in, what Decks do you want to automate making of?

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Hi @frabcus_memrise, I have the same question. I want to create courses with images and sound files. I need to automate this for 1600 entries. It would be very difficult to do this for each entry via the web interface.

The mobile API doesn’t have anything for course creation! Sorry!

@frabcus_memrise Is there another way to do this via WebAPI or something else? There is a CSV import. Maybe this can be extended with file URLs for image or sound file import. This would be really great!

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will we be able to use the API to mass upload audio to courses?

Will we be able to search for Community courses on the Decks App?

Sadly one can not search for Community courses on the MemRise App - only learn them once selected on the web (either the MemRise or Decks sites)?

@MemriseSupport @frabcus_memrise