Decks release - backend changes


We’ve just done a release which has some changes for the API for the mobile apps, and upgraded some libraries.

There should be no changes you can spot, posting so you know just in case.


As I reported some time ago, my old iPhone can’t run your app - however I can run MemRise on the web interface (although it’s shown very small).

BUT the Decks site although it looks okay and works up to a certain stage but when I start a review, I am presented with “Choose the right one” but it only shown the number 1 (no image).

Running out of time or clicking “check” will show me the right image.

So there is obviously a small difference in code but as our courses will soon not be available on the MemRise web, it would be nice if this issue could be addressed.


Hi DW7 - can you post a screenshot? Also what version of Safari is this?

Decks does use flexbox for the header in the learning sessions now ( which won’t work in Safari 6 or earlier.


It’s an iPhone 4 running IOS 7 so guess that’s your answer.
It’s just that the MemRise web works so I was hoping it would be similar for Decks.

I’ve attached two learning screen-shots.
(I’ve reduced the size so this post isn’t too long.)

Top half

Bottom half of earlier one after clock time ran out.

Top part of the reverse testing

Bottom part

Let me know if you want to see the same items on the MemRise site.

Hi Francis,

Up and running OK on my iPad.

Comments to follow.