Decks is here to stay and we’re accepting it

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #21

If you are on an android phone try Memorion

(Waffletoaster) #22

I feel like I am doing the best I can. We’ve noticed Memrise is blocking/filtering comments and there is little we can do about that. The best I can is not give them anymore of my money, leave a well commented review in the app store, take my courses and simply move on to something better. You might think it does little but screaming and kicking doesn’t persuade a mind settled company, hitting them in their wallets in the long run does.

(Nekogaijin) #23

Thank you! - but for today - I am no longer able to search for the unofficial courses in the app. And I am unable to search for them on the website, because the website sends me back to the app.

For anyone else having the same issue - I used a laptop to find the course and add it, after which it shows up in the app. I assume if you don’t have a laptop, you will have to uninstall the app, use the web to find the course , then reinstall the app.


(Adrian) #24

If it sends you back to the app, try using “open in a different tab” , It should send you to the site instead of the app.

(Kevin Memrise) #25

@nekogaijin @LangAddict thanks for highlighting this problem - it’s the mobile app “capturing” links to community-created course pages that it shouldn’t. We’ll get this fixed in the next month.

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(Scones24) #26

Did exactly the same. At least they won’t use my money to finance the grave they’re digging for themselves right now. And maybe our reviews can discourage one or two other persons who would otherwise have made the mistake to buy a subscription?

(SKKreativ) #28

All reverso needs to do is allow users to create their own decks and it will be a hit learning application way better then Memrise. Especially since it has a sleek design, built in dictionary and sentence translations.

(khx333) #29

I’m just happy that Memrise provided Decks and promised a mobile app plus we could use the existing Memrise mobile app until this new app is ready. I could live with minor issues. Besides, the Decks web design is nice (some quirks but I’m sure those will be fixed along the way).