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You do seem nice and reasonable but I am sorry to say that I have long given up on Memrise listening to its users. I’ve encountered some nice Memrise employees before and I never shout. But there has never been true communication about these decisions before. Why should we believe it different this time?

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Offline mobile Deck app, then I’m happy – even prepared to pay Pro price for that one.


Agreed. That would definitely be a nice and sustainable way to fund the Decks going forward.

The Decks website should be free to access for everyone, but the App (if it’s ever made) should require the Pro subscription to access (at all). It would definitely be worth it.

With that model we also would not have to worry about the issue of the community created courses competing with Memrise’s official courses anymore as people would be paying for a Pro subscription whether they prefer one or the other (or both), it would be universally beneficial.


The Problem with Memrise always has been the non-existent communication between those who made memrise big (the course creaters) and those who are offering the platform for them.
If u compare Memrise to a game like Path of Exile (of course Memrise isn’t a game) where the Devs are taking time to join poadcasts for upcoming changes, where the Devs are making the game as transparent as possible, listening to players, streamers and feedback in the forum… You definitely will be frustrated seeing what job is done on Memrise. Bugs and problems are lasting for years and all Memrise-Devs have done is changing the App-Layout from time to time. 99% of fixes and improvements are user-created user-scripts. Not even the ghost-entry-problem is solved yet. If u speak to a person that is not answering for years, you might start shouting to check if the person maybe is deaf or just hard of hearing.


Kevin, it’s great to have this kind of an open dialogue at last. I’d suggest to make this as a starting point for all the cojointed future endeavours. Let’s fix this broken communication.


This is a catch 22 situation. You are afraid to talk to the users, maybe even afraid to listen to them, because they are badmouthing you. The users are shouting and badmouthing you because you are not listening to them. Then hire a guy or a gal who are not afraid to talk to the people and break this endless circle. It’s the easiest way, because even if nine users are not raising their voices, no one can guarantee a presence of a tenth who is yelling at you.

I think that old-time users are tremendously frustrated and tired because of your silence and a lack of feedback. I’m still consider myself as a newbie here, but this is so freaking in the air. For example, you can create a bug report thread (not raising a voice) and there will be none of your staff and after some years the bug will still be safe and sound (an example which I remember).

The users are afraid that Memrise will destroy what they really love - this is another reason why they are screaming at you. It’s not a business for them, it’s something more important, it’s their life. Your moves are unpredictable.

Like, no one knows what you will break in the next Android update. People were bying lifetime subscriptions for Memrise they knew, but you are offered them this weird Decks. It’s like to go into market and buy bananas, but then to find out that actually you bought some fish. You are so unpredictable, that you acting like you don’t need money which the users are paying.

That’s great, thank you.


THIS +1000


There’s nothing dangerous to listen to users/content creators on forums – and even respond. Good developer teams engage in this. It takes some thick and professional skulls to take part of it but that’s why you hire professional developers and customer service people.

The opposite, hide and not listen to customers, seldom if ever results in anything good for the company.


This is the most ridiculous forum community!! I started this topic to answer a question. In my original post eluded to the fact that all other questions asked in other posts are being buried by, off topic, complaining customers.

Please move your complaints to an appropriate post and let people use technical post to ask/answer technical questions.

Sorry that so many of you are having trouble with Memrise communication. However, I have received an answer, in this thread, after asking a question. It was a great answer from Kevin(Memrise employee), and suggestion from lodrogyaltsen3 (user). This info my be helpful to other users. Unless, like myself, they start reading 10+ off topic complaints and give up on the post as a viable source for a solution.

Again, don’t get me wrong if you are paying, have paid, for a service and are not getting what is owed. Fight for what you are due. But not on other people’s posts.

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That is a bit tricky for this thread because the first post was already off-topic and Kevin gave an extensive answer to the following discussion. But you could have just politely asked someone with editing privileges to split up the topic.

@Arete_Hime, @DW7, @Angharad.Merfin or @alanh
Would one of you be so kind to split off posts from this topic into a topic about communication?

Cheers! :smile:

I see your point! It would be great if we all would find a solid basis for an open and respectful dialogue.
If you promise that you guys will try to open up their ears to us, I’ll promise you to be kind, friendly and understanding (which actually is in my nature!). :smirk:

That is about the most encouraging phrase I’ve heard from you guys in a whole while, thank you!


Did you know that you can mark postings as solution to your original problem? This way they’ll also be highlighted, which helps others looking for a solution to the same problem.
FWIW, even when sticking to the original topic, threads can get quite confusing which is why the solution-attribute is a great means to let the right postings stick out.

P.S.: And sorry for posting off-topic stuff in your thread, it just happens every so often!

I’d be so happy if this WAS solved one day soon!

It is so frustrating as a course contributor who has worked really really hard on improving definitions and removing old, not very good, or simply wrong definitions, to see them pop up in multiple-choice boxes :frowning:


Hi there @robotlb & @duaal, I’m afraid a lot is going on very quickly and it is getting confusing and onto multiple topics.

I agree, having had time to read through, that it has also developed into a “communication” issue and a separate thread would be a good idea.

However the trouble is that some posts should be in both threads and one can not duplicate.

As @kevin5284 has posted some great comments here, I think he would be best placed to decide which posts to move and where (please).
Or perhaps he can create a new thread about communication and repost (by copy & paste) to that one.


I think a lot of people have said that in effect or directly.

Perhaps there is a role for the planned web decks to be free but a new separate app with development, upkeep and with download function to be paid for.

Although this would obviously have to come after the “D” (for Decks) day as ‘all hand are on deck’ (no pun intended) for that.

Cc @kevin5284

PS sorry this is off-topic too - guilty as charged!

I agree It can be frustrating when one of us does not respond in-terms of legitimate bug reports or issues. Myself (Support) does try and respond to some cases, but the reality is this forum, and specifically the bugs section, should be managed by multiple staff members. Which unfortunately (due to some of the reasons mentioned by Kevin above) is not currently happening. Thus some threads get overlooked.

In terms of this specific bug, Support raised the issue internally in Oct 2018 but has not seen any progress on it. It’s safe to assume this has been classified as a low priority issue. I will update the relevant thread now, and again when we get an update on it’s progress.


This is a great response.

Kevin has been good throughout this, especially recently when the canned responses have been put aside for much better ones, but I still admit I am not the most sympathetic with Memrise here. There are angry users, indeed, but there are also lots of very respectful users that are still being answered only with silence and their feedback not being addressed. It gets tiresome to speak up over and over again about issues without any acknowledgement. That’s why people are angry, not simply because you are making changes at all (there will always be reactionary nuts that resist any sort of change, even good change).

Memrise has been extremely unpredictable in the past, and as seen with Decks, continues to be. It’s also the job of a company (especially a consumer-oriented company) to solve communication issues with its users, not the other way around. There are many examples of consumer-oriented companies with excellent track records on communication that can be copied.

It all reminds me a lot of this quote from the simpsons:

So as this user said, it’s a Catch 22, but it is your job to fix it, Memrise. Many of the long term users here are want to help give great feedback and fix the app that they and myself have grown to love. It has become an integral part of my language learning.

Thankyou for your communication efforts in this past week. The meeting set up tomorrow was a great idea; I only wish I lived in London and could come. Ed even personally responded and liked my tweets to him, which I thought was great and showed commitment to listening.


I like very much how Olaf did in the other topic: you could see almost every Android bug in one post. This is very convenient.

My suggestion to you is to create a few topics for bug reports (web, iOS, Android, other complains), start every topic with already known bugs, advise users to read them first before reporting a bug (in case the bug is already listed and there’s possible solution) and subscribe your staff members to relevant threads, so they could follow up them easily.

Well, if my idea is not that good, then you can do it in your own efficient way. This board is sure a little bit out of order and you could overlook something.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We do have a bugs section for Android, iOS and Web here:

There is also a “Known Limitations” section where we have created a list of Known Bugs which have not yet been fixed. I just updated it with the Android / Web issue we discussed above: [WEB-783] Words learned discrepancy on (Web/Android)

I will do my best to update the Known Limitations section where possible, and hopefully more members of the team will take more of an active approach to these other bug sections in 2019.


If there is one or more bugs missing on my list, feel free to post them on the thread, I’ll then update the original post. I’d sure like to have them all in one place!

@MemriseMatty: that’s exactly where I post all bug-reports that I’ve come across for Android. I also went ahead and filled out several “official” bug reports. The latter link is following this official help article regarding bug-reports.
If there’s a better way to transport such information to you guys, I’d sure like to know.


We do monitor the bug reports that come in via Support, and we have raised a number of internal tickets for these issues. We will continue to update the Known Limitations over time.

Our QA team, and QA Lead @JBorrego, are the ones who should be monitoring the bugs section of this forum. Hopefully they can enlighten you further…