Decks app beta testing - thread for feedback

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that we distributed the first Decks mobile app beta today!

Decks will be the new home of community course learning on Memrise, and in this beta you can login to the new Decks app with your Memrise credentials and learn on your existing community courses.

Thanks again to everyone who signed up to be a beta tester - you should have either received an email today or will receive one tomorrow with more details on how to install the app from Apple/Google.

We’d love your feedback on the following:

  • Any bugs you find
  • General feedback on the look and feel of the app

Just a reminder there are some things that you can’t do in this first beta, but will be added soon:

  • Creating a new account
  • Adding a new course
  • Seeing the offline mode popup

We’ll collect feedback in this thread, so please leave your comments here directly.



I received the email for the iOS app a few days ago but have yet to receive one for the Android app.

Thanks for flagging @alanh. I emailed you a link just now where you should be able to download the app.

Let me know if that works

Thanks. Got it now! :smile:

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Whenever I click on the home tab it scrolls all the way to the last lesson, and it’s slightly annoying.



Decks app crashes on speed reviews.
it crashes when the review is finished ( no hearts left or succesfully completed)

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Some things offhand (Android app):

  • Сolours. Blue (on the main page in the courses list and in classis review sessions) and red (speed review sessions) are toxic and repugnant. Could you make them mellow, softer?

  • Four buttons when choosing exercises (speed review, classic review, etc) are enormous. Why they are so big? The same applies to round buttons for levels. Not everyone has smartphones with gigantic screens. It’d be better to make them smaller.

  • These buttons are not round. If you look attentively, you could see they have protrusive pixels on the left side.

  • I confirm that app crashes after speed review sessions. Besides, sometimes can not start classic review sessions for courses without any words for review (don’t know how to call it correctly).

  • App can not remember your settings for number of words in learning sessions straight away, and you should do it twice. By the way, Memrise has the same problem.

  • Every time you open any course, then app is scrolling to the last completed level. On the other hand, when you are inside a course, on a page where you can see course’s stat, app is scrolling to the first level. Could you make it to remember the last level opened by the user and stop this uncontrolled scrolling? (Memrise bug, too)


Android App:

My first impressions are that the app works well (while noting the point made by others about speed review). I have tried learning new words, classic review and speed review. The size of the four ‘review’ buttons is not an issue on my phone screen (Galaxy). Don’t know how they look on smaller screen. Doesn’t everything appear reduced to the same extent on a smaller screen?

iOS App:

Just one observation, so far. I have ‘audio’ turned on and it works OK in all my courses except one. In my World Geography course, no audio files play at all but, in the same course, on the Android app they do.

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Android app:

For some reason it always gives me the unlock full course button.

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Android app:

During a learning phase, I made an error on one phrase [:blush:] and it then appeared in my ‘difficult words’ for that course in the normal way. During the review in ‘difficult words’, I was presented with the phrase as a tapping test together with a second phrase on the same screen. The only way to move on was to tap “Skip”. Haven’t seen this before. Is it intended? If it is intended, I don’t see the point. Here’s the screenshot:

Also, although syncing between the app and the website is rapid in respect of points, there is a difference of 5 in my words learned total which I can’t get rid off.

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hi @alanh yes i seen this too. it is confusing the first time you see it.
it is intended to show you the correct phrase above and you must sellect the correct word order from below.
your sellection will overfill the top phrase.

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It’s one of those old bugs. See this thread.

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Thanks @LarBoylan. Got it now! :blush: I was expecting to see a more conventional tapping test for that phrase that looks like this:

I hadn’t seen that other kind of tapping test before. Maybe it only comes up in the ‘difficult words’ tests, where you need extra help. Just copying the answer on the screen seems too easy, though. Oh well!

I notice that on this course where there are difficult words the decks app (android) shows that there are none in the review type selection screen.

see attached screenshots both from the same course on the decks app.

the same course on the memrise app.

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just noticed that this is only happening on my Galaxy tab A (2016) android 8.1.0.
no courses with difficult words are showing difficult words.
It is ok on my Galaxy J6 phone running android version 9.

Update: it is happening on both devices. it appears to work ok just after login, then once it is used it stops working for subsequent sessions.
Also it appears to be similar to the premium free try that is offered on the memrise app.
if you select it ( after login) via the 4 dots option it goes straight to the session.
if you select it via the ‘next up’ option you get a try it for free banner.
see attached.

also the ‘unlock full course’ banner needs to be removed.


I got the Android link, downloaded the app - but when I try to log on using my Gmail account (as I normally do with Memrise or the Decks website), it doesn’t work (it asks me to put my password, which I don’t have)

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I use Android version of the app, generally it works and looks fine for me, just some small issues.

  1. Probably it would be better if the main screen of the course kept the last position and did not automatically scroll to the last learned level.
  2. In courses with audio, I hear the audio file normally when I first open a new word. But if I try to replay it tapping the audio button, nothing happens. Eventually the audio plays, but only after I tap ‘continue’.
  3. Maybe it is a bit confusing to see the word ‘Rank’ here instead of more usual ‘Level’ or ‘Lesson’:
  4. In Settings, it is almost impossible to see which options are turned on (however those which are turned off look more or less normal):
  5. I was learning around midnight local time and it seems that the new day did not start when it ought to:
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Yes. I agree. It’s difficult to tell which is “on” and which is “off”. The buttons need to be more distinct.

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Feature request. It would be great to have possibility to pin courses in your list, like those pinned notes in Google Keep. You could learn a lot of courses, but some of them have priority, and you are learning them every day (say, 3 or 4 courses), whereas other courses you are doing occasionally, when you have words to review. Yes, you could sort them out manually, but they will be in disorder after every session. Pinned courses would add some order to otherwise very chaotic list.