Deaf people prevented from learning. Help us!

I’m a deaf user and wanted to join Memrise and pay for subscription to have full access but found one serious barrier here. This is for the Memrise staff/community members. No one realizes that deaf people are blocked from the ability to pass or score points correctly even from the first lessons for any language. In the courses, there is an audio/listening course and we are required to use the ability to hear to pass and move on to the next lesson. Isn’t that called discrimination against the deaf people? Please add a new feature where users can click on a button to turn off all audio/listening activities at any point in all courses so deaf people can use the visual feature only and have the same privilege as anybody else and pass whatever course they are using. And please, somebody get on this soon without delay. Thank you.

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Hi @Cajunflyer :slight_smile:

Memrise allows audio tests to be turned off. FAQ & Help explains how to do this. See the following link:


Welcome @Cajunflyer,
You might be interested to know you have posted under Decks and not MemRise where only their official courses will soon be housed, however the way they work are both very similar, also :

  • a) @Milamy is right
  • b) Decks courses are by community members and not the staff and are subscription free.
  • c) You don’t have to pay for MemRise courses.
  • d) Many of Decks courses are excellent and do not rely on or insist on audio responses.

Hope that helps you to have fun and learn using both these great aids.

PS There are some interesting MemRise General Discussion comments if you follow the link below


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