Day of the week incorrect in iOS app

(Djdax) #23


i am having the same issue, its been a while like this, possibly months, i was in australia in January when it first started, so i just thought, ok maybe the timezone etc… and then it got better and now its off again, its monday here, but app shows its thursday, its very confusing :slight_smile:

(Notraces) #24

I’m having this issue, too. is my build number.

I just started the 5000 most frequent words in Spanish.

Today is Weds - but it’s on Friday for some reason…

(Nifft) #25

Bump… Still no change.

(Pat Oddy) #27

Still the same for me. I decided not to renew my Pro membership as I’m so angry at the complete lack of response from Memrise

(Hsampson7) #28

I am having the same problem, my iphone date and time are ok but in every course the day is wrong. my version is: v2.2.35.3373.

i hope you can correct this issue please.

(Joedemo42) #29

Same issue here. Strangely though, at some screenshots you can see that memrise actually shows the correct day - but the lable below is shifted a few days. If you assume that the week starts on monday it’s correct but on some screenshots the letters show something like F S S M T W.

Also: no rocket here.

(khx333) #30

I never understood this date UI, it’s like a Star Trek panel with no relevant info.

(Stoned Td) #31

Hey, dear support team.

Is it your normal attitude - to persistently ignore the issue and multiple bug reports?

I have had the same problem on multiple devices since many months.

Will you finally do something about this annoying bug? Or will you simply keep on
ignoring us?

(Dianalsimpson) #32

I have the problem with the incorrect day being highlighted upon the completion of a daily goal. It is currently Monday, and my Wednesday icon is being highlighted. This only started around a week ago. Because I know it was correct last Sunday, which was the 22 of Jan. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, but this did not rectify the problem. My phone is showing the correct date and time in settings. I also have the correct timezone selected in the memrise settings. memrise version is and iOS is 11.2.2.

(Miriamrocke65) #33

I have the same issue – I noticed that when I started a new course, it acted like streak day 1 was the beginning of the week, even though it was actually a thursday.

(Riboui) #34

Can anyone confirm this is still an active bug? Is there a workaround? I seem to have it on the iPad version of the app.

It’s quite annoying because among other problems it causes the app to not tell me when I have completed my daily goal.

It seems to trigger itself on Sunday and resolve itself sometime during the week, perhaps on Thursday, only to reappear on Sunday again.

(Sherrin) #35

It’s been showing the wrong day of the week for me probably for well over a year and still is, both in the Beta version and now the official release after all the Beta builds expired. No workaround that I know of unfortunately.

I turn off notifications for most of my apps so I can’t say it has been a problem with regards to the daily goal completion. I’ve been burnt by older versions of the app before and lost streaks in the past, so when I’m not sure I tend to check the web version anyway to make sure.

(Randaloulton) #36

Day of week been broken for me since day 1, has caused me to lose so many streaks i am past caring about streaks on memrise.