Day of the week incorrect in iOS app

(Paper Queen1) #1

For the past few days, the day of the week in my tracker has been incorrect. For example, today is Sunday, but the app shows I just completed my goal for Tuesday.

It’s been this way a few days. Any way to fix the problem on my end, or will this require an app update?

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(Billy Balthorpe) #2

I’m seeing the same thing on an Ipad mini except in my case, the days are lagging behind the actual days I am using the app. On Android the days are correct and the website also shows the correct days. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ipad Mini app and logging out and back in but the problem persists.

I am using Spanish courses FWIW.

(Joshua) #3

Could you try reinstalling the application?

(Billy Balthorpe) #4

Ive reinstalled 3 times, problem persists.

(Paper Queen1) #5

I, too, have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled. Still off by two days (app shows Friday, but it was Wednesday morning).

(Joshua) #6

Is your device time correct?

From your screenshot, I can see something really odd. You’re missing the rocket icon.

Can you take a screenshot of the “About Memrise” page, which contains the application build number?

Here’s how to do that.

Click “Settings” then click “About Memrise”

Scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a build number. Take a screenshot of this and paste it here.

(Billy Balthorpe) #7

My version is v.2.2.15 (1194)

(Paper Queen1) #8

I’m also using v.2.2.15 (1194), and–like Billy–have no rocket.

Also starting today, I have no completion symbol (white circle outline that turns into a yellow checkmark circle)–only the completion chime, and the wrong day of the week. Shows Monday, today’s Friday. Means we’ve gone from being off by two days to being off by three.

The date and time are correct on my iPhone.

Needless to say, it’s ironic that the “Do you like Memrise?” graphic appeared on the same morning the app failed to show I’ve completed the day’s lesson. Had there been a third option for “wildly frustrated,” my finger would have slid that direction.

(Paper Queen1) #11

Today’s screen. Shows Monday for the second day in a row, but this time with the addition of the completion checkmark. Back to being two days off (as opposed to three, as was the case yesterday).

(Paper Queen1) #12

Today’s screen. Shows Monday for the second day in a row, but this time with the addition of the completion checkmark. Back to being two days off (as opposed to three, as was the case yesterday).

(Nifft) #13

Similar issues - all seems normal except two days in the future… (Will look more closely tomorrow - Thursday lol) v2.2.16 (1363)

(Joshua) #14

Hi @PaperQueen1, I’ve noticed your course is now finished so you’ll no longer see this screen.

Am I safe to assume this only happens in one particular course and not every other course. In your case it would be Italian 1.

Also, @PaperQueen1, @BillyBalthorpe and @Niffty did you previously lose your streak and had it reinstated manually?

(Nifft) #15

Not sure what you mean by reinstate manually. I lost a long standing streak (231 overall and 130 odd in individual courses etc) a couple of weeks ago (fell asleep on that Saturday it seems) but carried on as normal - not sure if the days got messed up after that? Be nice to get that hole plugged, I was going for the full 365…

(Pat Oddy) #16

I’ve got the exact same issue - day of the week is two days in advance. Can’t think of any reason why this has suddenly happened. I use the Memrise app on an iPad Mini and an iPhone; same issue on both

(Billy Balthorpe) #17

AFAIK I have never lost a streak and had it reinstalled manually.

(Maxine Downunder) #18

I have exactly the same issue on the app (on iPhone). When I go back on the web version it is correct, ie as it should be.

(Paper Queen1) #19

Glad it’s back on track, but sorry to see it took completing the entire Italian I course (odd that the problem began mid-course).

(Nifft) #20

Same today (Japanese 3, Zulu with Dingani, Learn Basic Lebanese), two days ahead, ticks and no rocket when goal complete.

(Pat Oddy) #21

Still the same for me. I emailed support two weeks ago about this, and nothing apart from a form reply saying do anything except expect a reply from us!

(Paper Queen1) #22

And…it’s still broken. In spite of your suggestion that graduating to Italian 2 fixed the problem, it didn’t. Today is Sunday, yet the app shows Tuesday. We’re back to the two-day slip.

Again. :::sigh:::