Databases and pre-existing audio

I’m creating courses for my students in French, Chinese and Spanish. I’m recording a lot of phrases myself, but finding when typing individual words occasionally there is pre-existing audio added by other users. Why is this happening? Can I add more databases so that when adding words and phrases I have access to a greater number of other users’ entries? How do I do this?

There’s no good system to access audio that already exists. The pre-existing audio you are finding happens when an entry you are adding is an exact match for an entry that was added to the now defunct wiki’s - i.e. created before some major updates to Memrise.

As far as I see it, the easiest way to check if audio already exists is to add the target word to a course, if it appears in a drop down menu it ‘pre-exists’ and might have audio attached.

I suggest doing all searching in a separate ‘test’ course, then if you find something good add that entry to your course proper, otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of ‘rubbish’ entries in your course database that can mess up the functionality of the course (unless that’s been fixed - I’ve not been on Memrise for a few months, but I doubt it has been sorted!)

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