Database search problem in levels when adding new words

When I try to add new words to my course, and they’re already recorded in my course’s database, they do not show up on the level search in about 50% of cases.

My database entry here.

The level search result here.

There’s no way of adding my already existing word to the course level, and adding the offered search result doubles (or even triples and more, if clicking from more than one result that showed up hoping to get ‘my’ entry from the offered) the entry in the database. This is, quite reasonably, suboptimal since if I don’t comb through hundreds upon hundreds of my database entries, it’s hard to spot potential duplicates and they only come up during tests, resulting in a lot of frustration.

Is there a way to restrict the level search results to show only what is in my database? Is there at least some trick to make my entries show up?

It’s a big problem for me because I manually upload audio for the course and having wrong or nonexistent audio on random entries just isn’t something I want; not mentioning it adds a lot of work going in vain.

Nothing? It’s not a new problem either.

@MemriseSupport: can you assist, please?

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