Data entry box too small

Please expand the data entry box. The size is OK for one word answers but far too small for grammar type courses. So many times I get a wrong answer because of a typing error which could have been avoided had I been able to see what I had typed.


Same problem here. I like typing my answers to help practice spelling and muscle-memory for the different keyboard layout, but it can be frustrating when working on a longer sentence.

I realized there are a lot of different types of courses and people taking them on a variety of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, but it is still a problem that would be nice if it was addressed.

Can you post some screenshots?

Are you using the app or the web version?

Android or iOS?

Hi Amanda,

It’s when typing long phrases using the website. The fixed size of the text box means that, as you type the end of the phrase, the start of the phrase disappears from the left-hand end of the text box and you don’t get to see everything you have typed. It’s not so much of a problem if you type the correct answer (because of auto-accept) but, if your answer contains an error, you may have to scroll left in the text box to be able to find and correct it before the timer runs out.

I haven’t been able to get a good screenshot because, for some reason, it captures the text from the left-hand end, cutting-off the right hand end but you’ll get the idea:


Beware what you wish for! The box appears to be even smaller on Decks now.

No, I think the Box Size is good. The Cursor should move so you can see what you are writing, but the Box should not change its size

For me, it is important to be able to see the whole answer that I have typed. If I get to the end of the phrase and the ‘auto accept’ doesn’t accept my answer, I would prefer not to have to scroll back through the answer to find and correct my error or the typo before the timer runs out.

If we are going to be presented with long phrases, we really should to be able to see the whole thing in the answer box.


But you know that this would look really awfull .Imagine the were 2 linies…