Dark mode please

I can’t look at the screen for a very long time.


Have you already installed “F.Lux”:

I have already worked with “Dimmer V1” but within F.Lux you also have the dimmer hotkeys ALT + page down / page up to reduce the “circadian response” from full brightness 28% to 1% / 0%.
This dimming even works for external connected LCDs monitors to a Laptop!
You can also test the effect “darkroom mode” which I honestly do NOT use.

F.Lux reduces 6500K to 3500K in the evening and to 1900K at night.
Should be efficient to still be able to read some basics, and you can use the additional software dimming ontop of your Laptop dimming hardware FN up/down hotkeys.

Try it and tell us how you like it!

in this list you can find two dark themes (btw, is “stylish” does not work in your browser, try “stylus”):


I use the Firefox add-on: Dark Background and Light Text by Mikhail Khvoinitsky

It works great. The background is now completely dark and the text is white.

here’s the link: