Danish 1 : Most of the audio files are corrupted


As i see, most of the Danish 1 - 2nd lesson -which named “I Come in Peace”- audio files are corrupted and aren’t playing. First i thought that maybe only a little words are corrupted as like in Swedish courses. I even downloaded the course and tried again, but it didn’t work. These are the words and phrases which are corrupted and never make a sound for example:

  • hvordan har du det?
  • jeg har det godt
  • jeg har det ogsa godt (i have not that “a” letter for ogsa)
  • jeg har
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Hi! Thank you for flagging this, which platform are you seeing this? They sound good in our database, so it might be a problem in the platform, as in web, iPhone, Android phone. Could you tell me which you are using so that we can identify where the problem could be? Thanks!

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