Daily Time Goal

I have been using memrise for one month. I started with a 5 minute a day goal, and recently changed to 15 minutes. Time goals help me - I can go over of course, but like having a minimum. Now the goa has disappeared and Memrise doesn’t seem to be keeping track of my daily time (or points) goal. Any advice? Thanks, John

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Just started here and I did find it puzzling that there wasn’t a place to check your time spent or time left until your set goal is achieved. Hope the timer function makes it back on.

Thanks Flint. Memrise Help Folks: Help us new folks navigate this, thanks.

Here is what is happening: Besides not being able to set a daily time goal, the bar that shows progress says “course completed” as soon as I start. Does anyone from memrise read these things?

The Memrise Support guys are possibly still on their Christmas break. As far as I know, a Daily Goal can only be set (and remain visible on your dashboard) for a course that has words left to be learned.

@MemriseSupport - can you confirm, please?