Daily Goals Not Correct

How are the daily goals calculate? I set mine to thirty words but I don’t feel this pie chart adding up to thirty…

The goal is set to thirty yet I learned and review 30 words. Together is that 60? And why is it just over half?

That’s a quirk which has existed for as long as I’ve been using Memrise. They sometimes refer to the goal with “minutes”, sometimes with “words”. But in fact it’s a matter of points / XP. For instance, you need 1500 XP for a 5min goal. I just checked with the old (non beta) version, there you still see the points:

Here’s the alpha/beta equivalent:


Comparing the two it becomes apparent that not only the points/XP are now missing (but they’re still the measure that counts!) and that minutes have been replaced by words.

@MemriseSupport: did you guys do this on purpose? It’s really only (still) confusing everyone!
There should be at least some info regarding the points and that it’s the points that are being used to calculate whether or not a goal has been reached (and the streak along with it).


Hi all,

Sorry for the confusion.

Despite what the app says, the daily goal is reached at the following points thresholds, rather than words or minutes:

  • 5 words (estimate): 1,500 points, or roughly 5 mins a day as the web version says
  • 15 words (estimate): 6,000 points, or roughly 15 mins a day
  • 30 words (estimate): 20,000 points, or roughly 45 mins a day

Points are awarded differently based on the type of test:

  • In learning tests, the average number of points per correct answer is 45, but it can be higher in case you’ve replied correctly to several tests in a row.
  • In reviewing tests, you get an average of 150 points per correct answer - but you will get fewer points if the words are not ready for review.
  • Speed Review: the number of points awarded is the product of how fast the learner is and how many answers they got correct in a row, up to 150 points per correct answer

We’re aware this is confusing and we hope to have this changed asap.

In the meanwhile, please consider the above thresholds when learning or reviewing to ensure you meet your daily goal.

I hope this clears some of the confusion for now.



Cool! Thanks for the clarification. This makes a lot more sense.

I use to use Memrise a lot around 2013-2014 and stopped for some time. So back then it was all on the laptop. Now I’m using the phone app with the subscription thing. I am very happy for the video / audio on the Memrise created course. So following that series.

It would be cool to have goals set by new words, points, and/or time. I can’t imagine this being a difficult thing. Seems like the game is already logging those values so it’s capable of measuring, just needs to store and recall.