"Daily Goals" Makes No Sense, Also Minutes Keeps Changing

I set the goal for 45 minutes. Next time I check, it’s down to 5 or 15.

Also, how is it possible to have a minutes daily goal when we also have a points daily goal ?! We might reach the points total before the minutes. Or vice versa. How is this supposed to work?

Also, the Android app seems to do something completely different from the Web version concerning the Daily Goal (“Words”. What does that mean? Words learned? Words reviewed? Words regurgitated? That number also seems to change by itself and it’s not at all clear during an Android session how we are doing vis a vis one of our many, ill-defined, contradictory “Daily Goals”) Shouldn’t the Memrise Web version and Android app be, at the very least, integrated?!

New Web annoyance: just tried stopping my Minutes Daily Goal and resetting it. That wiped all the points I had amassed today and ended my streak. Uhhh … why would it do that?

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I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you, maybe they can assist.