Daily goal and streak counter don’t make sense

  • Description of the issue:

It happens from time to time that I do a lot of lessons in a day and the daily goal isn’t really getting filled up (see screenshot: I’m clearly past the daily goal). Some days al it takes is 3 lessons and the daily goal is reached. The “You’ve reached your daily goal” rarely comes up - I usually have to go back to the main menu to see if the daily goal has been met.

Also the way “streak” is supposed to work isn’t clear. What does the small rocket mean? How do I know before what time I have to complete the daily goal to not loose my streak? Why do I lose my streak when I go to the next level in a language course?

Any explanation (or bug fix) would be appreciated :heart:

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iOS14.4.2
  • v2021.5.10.37367
  • Reproducing is difficult because some days it works fine and others not. Haven’t found a clear pattern yet.

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